South Gloucestershire track and drainage work

This summer we’re working in the Severn Tunnel and elsewhere in South Gloucestershire.

From Wednesday 3 to Friday 19 July we’re replacing track in the tunnel and doing track and drainage work at Almondsbury and Patchway.

What work is taking place?

This summer we are replacing seven kilometres of track through the Severn Tunnel, as well as renewing track at Cattybrook in Almondsbury and drainage on the line between the two Patchway tunnels.

Project in numbers

  • A 7,040-metre stretch of track through the Severn tunnel is being replaced
  • 66 x 216 metre-long rails are being installed, equivalent to a 14 kilometre span in total
  • Installing 10,800 sleepers
  • Installing over 22,000 tonnes of new track stone
  • Removing 21,000 tonnes of spoil

At Cattybrook we will be replacing over 900 metres of track and at Patchway Gap – between the two Patchway Tunnels, we will be renewing over 230 metres of track drainage.

When is the work taking place?

The Severn Tunnel will be closed for 16 full days, from Wednesday 3 July until the early hours of Friday 19 July, when train services are due to resume.

Taking advantage of the opportunity while the railway is closed:

  • drainage work between the two Patchway tunnels takes place between Wednesday 3 and Friday 5 July
  • track renewal at Cattybrook runs between Saturday 13 July and the early hours of Friday 19 July.

The railway is also being closed for follow up work on the weekends of 27/28 July and 24/25 August.

How will this work affect me?

Travel arrangements 3 – 18 July, 27/28 July and 24/25 August

From 3 – 18 July, and again on the weekends of 27/28 July and 24/25 August, trains between England and South Wales will be diverted adding to journey times. There will be a limited rail replacement service running. Check before you travel on the GWR website.

Access points and compounds

Various access points and compounds will be in use to support our work. They might be noisy at times and the area around them will be busy from time to time with vehicles and deliveries arriving and leaving. These are at the following locations:

  • Green Lane (for Severn Tunnel track renewal)
  • Pilning station (for Cattybrook track renewal and Patchway Gap drainage work)
  • Temporary compound off Shaymoor Lane (for Cattybrook track renewal)
  • Ibstock Brick (Patchway Gap drainage work)
  • Patchway Station (Patchway Gap drainage work)

Deliveries and vehicle movements by road are necessary to bring machinery, materials and staff to site and to remove spoil.

From Saturday 22 June until Wednesday 24 July, there will be significant large vehicle movements in and out of the Pilning Station area, for deliveries and collections for both the Cattybrook track renewal and Patchway Gap drainage renewal work. Please take extra care in this area. 

Level crossing users

Changes to the timetable from May, and then the closure of the Severn Tunnel for this essential maintenance work (3-18 July), means there will be a significant increase in rail passenger and freight traffic through level crossings along the diversionary route through Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire.

We ask all level crossing users to take extra care, particularly during this period.

Trains will also be diverted during our follow up work on the weekends of 27/28 July and 24/25 August.

Contact us

if you have any questions please call our dedicated 24-hour National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41 or visit our contact us page.