Long-term planning

We are flexible and inclusive in our strategic planning.

Our long-term planning process (LTPP) strategy includes the views of our stakeholders on how the rail industry can drive and support economic growth, and gives passenger and freight train operating companies the confidence to take their own strategic decisions in planning the future of their services.

The process also fulfils our licence obligations to plan the future capability of the network.

We designed our LTPP to be flexible. It’s important to us to consider the views of our customers, the rail industry, funders and specifiers and to develop the network to meet everyone’s needs.

The Office of Rail and Road approved the LTPP to inform planning for Control Period 6 (2019-2024) and for the longer term.

You can download our LTPP documents further down this page.

Read our Investment in Stations 2017 guidance document and find out about third-party funding

LTPP documents

You will find our long-term planning documents in the list below.