Scotland’s Railway

Scotland’s Railway covers a large geographical area from the Borders to Thurso at the far tip of the North East of Scotland.

It provides rapid access along busy commuter routes to our 7 cities. It fulfills a variety of travel needs from business and leisure to daily commuter services, including cross border services; it supports rural services and the needs of freight customers alike. 

Over 2,500 daily services support the needs of communities and business across Scotland and the border to England. We operate the largest suburban rail network outside London which meets the daily needs of customers into Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

Scotland’s Railway provides links between communities and employment, industries and markets. It contributes up to £1.3bn each year to Scotland’s economy and employs 13,000 people, 3,000 of them are Network Rail colleagues.

We’re working on a number of projects to create more space on the network, improve journey times and the frequency of services, as well as enhancing facilities for customers.

Liam Sumpter
Managing director, Scotland’s Railway

Scotland’s Railway in numbers

  • 107 million annual passenger journeys
  • 295,000 passengers each weekday
  • Scotland’s Railway makes up over 17 percent of Britain’s rail network
  • 2,500 passenger and 50 freight services per day
  • 4.4m tonnes of product transported to, from and within Scotland 2018/19
  • We own and maintain 4,715 bridges and manage 591 level crossings
  • We have 4,326 signals and 359 stations

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