GSM-R: for drivers, signallers and maintainers

If you’re a driver, signaller or maintainer, here are some quick checklists to keep you up to speed with GSM-R – your role is critical to its success

Checklist for drivers

Your role is critical to the success of the GSM-R System. Here’s a quick checklist to keep you up to speed.

Know the system

  • User training
  • Driver handbook “How to use GSM-R”
  • Handy reference guide
  • Software delta training

Speak to your local competence development team, Driver Trainer and Driver Manager

Quick tips

  • Are you looking at the correct sign? If you can’t see it, report it
  • Maximum 2 initial registration attempts. Registration is important, but don’t hold back your journey
  • Don’t register too early. Know your local arrangement with the signaller
  • Check head code is correct. A single incorrect digit has a big impact
  • Blank screen? Don’t switch off. Follow Bulletin 34 or 38 to get it up and running quickly
  • Spurious REC calls – mistakes happen. Talk to the signaller to let them know what has happened
  • Handy tip for REC calls – Keep calm, press talk, release to listen

Help make it better

Report any issues to the signaller

Checklist for Signallers

Your input is essential to making the GSM-R System successful.

Know the system

Refer to the signaller guide “The Rule Book”

Quick tips 

  • Don’t interpose too late. Know your local arrangement with drivers 
  • Check digits. Any interpose error means failed registration attempts by drivers 
  • Wrong number? Forward the call for the driver
  • Spurious REC calls. Shut the call down quickly with the right voice protocol
  • REC calls. Own the call. Follow the process

Help make it better

Report any issues using your fault reporting process

Current GSM-R live bulletins