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Copmanthorpe Level Crossing

As part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade, we’re proposing to close Copmanthorpe level crossing

Aerial view of the Copmanthorpe level crossing

We are responsible for maintaining the railway network, which includes making it as safe as possible for passengers and the public. As we are proposing to increase the speed that trains currently run on the track next to Copmanthorpe village, we want to close Copmanthorpe level crossing and replace it with a safer, alternative way to cross the railway.


Level crossings can pose a serious risk to members of the public; therefore, we want to reduce the risk of an accident and create a safer way for the public to cross.

Public consultation

Public consultation is a crucial part of the planning process for any major new infrastructure scheme on the railway, giving lineside neighbours and stakeholders the opportunity to view our proposals in detail and any raise concerns they may have. However, continued concerns around social distancing means that busy face-to-face events are still not a practical or attractive option for members of the public.

For the residents of Copmanthorpe and other crossing users we provided an innovative solution using the latest technology – a fully virtual consultation room, using digital tools to replicate the experience of a public exhibition online and deliver the same engagement and transparency as physical forums and meetings.

Between 6 September and 1 October 2021, we were able to get their views on the closure of the crossing and our proposed alternative options. This will help us to identify the best possible solution, while minimising disruption.

Next steps

Following the end of the public consultation period on 15 October 2021, we will consider all the feedback received and aim to conclude on a preferred option, and on the consents and approvals to deliver the scheme, in the first quarter of 2022.

We will then go back to the local community to provide further information and consult on our preferred option, including information on the consenting process and timescales.

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