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The railway touches almost every community in Britain. Our work not only impacts the millions who travel by rail daily, but also our lineside neighbours and the natural environment that shares space with our infrastructure

We take care to be considerate of our neighbours – the 22 million people who live within 500 metres of the rail network – communicating and advising about our works, providing safety education, and planning effectively to minimise our impact on the environment.

In whatever we do, we aim to work collaboratively and sensitively with the communities affected by our work on the railway. Our stakeholder relations code of practice is an important part of this, letting you know what you can expect from us every time you deal with us.

If you’re unhappy with our behaviour or work, or would like to report a safety issue, then we’d like to know about it – please contact us on 03457 11 41 41 or use our live chat.


One question we're often asked is why we remove trees that are next to the railway. The video above will help to explain, but you can find out much more on our dedicated vegetation management pages.

Contact us

Get in touch with us using our helpline, live chat or online form

Safety in the community

We keep communities safe by sharing our railway safety message

Living by the Railway

Information for people who live near the railway or who own businesses nearby

Safety first

Electric overhead wires. Fast trains. Level crossings. The railway can be dangerous if not used properly.

It’s our responsibility to educate and support everyone in understanding the dangers, and provide advice and resources on how to use the railway safely.

Our community safety teams work with local schools and local groups to raise awareness of safety on the railway. We also run national campaigns in the press and on TV and social media, to help spread our safety messaging as widely as possible.

How we engage with communities about safety

Our community safety teams work with local schools and local groups to raise awareness

Good neighbours

Work on the railway can be noisy and disruptive locally. We try our best to minimise its impact on people nearby, by reducing noise and vibrations where possible, and requiring our employees and contractors to behave considerately by following our code of conduct.

Why we work on the railway at night and bank holidays

Usually we’ll give advance notice of any work we’re doing, but we regret that it’s not always possible. The railway runs 24/7 and safety-critical repair work may need to be carried out at short notice. In situations like this, and whenever we carry out essential works, we thank all our lineside neighbours for their patience as we work to renew the railway.
For more information about what we’re doing in your area and when, we’re always on hand – contact us.

More information for our lineside neighbours


Our stations – and links to help you plan your journey

Social performance

How we support Britain’s development and connect with communities


Our approach to environmental issues – from climate change and weather resilience to wildlife living by the railway, energy use, our carbon footprint and vegetation management

Sustainable results

As one of Britain’s biggest landowners we have a duty to look after the environment surrounding the railway.

Land by the railway is often protected, or home to protected species – that’s why we have dedicated teams to help care for wildlife and the environment by the railway. Find out more about their work.

We’re also committed to ensuring a sustainable future by reducing our carbon footprint and energy use through better energy management, and joining with charities and volunteers to have a positive impact on communities across Britain.

We’re committed to ensuring a sustainable future