Our routes

The rail network is divided into nine areas, or routes, across the country.

In 2014 we devolved day-to-day responsibility for railway businesses to 10 strategic geographical routes – this has since been reduced to nine, including Freight and National Passenger Operations (FNPO). Each of these routes is run locally so that we can work more closely with the relevant train and freight operating companies to better meet the needs of passengers and businesses.

By April 99% of decisions will be made locally by route teams. Our targets and priorities are now agreed jointly with train operators, meaning performance incentives for all of Network Rail’s staff are aligned to the needs of customers.

We also support the routes with national services and functions that help to keep our railway running safely and efficiently.

You can click or tap on the map for up-to-date information about your route to help you plan your journey, including details of train operators (TOCs) and stations, information on projects and planned works, and local contacts.