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Portsmouth Direct Upgrade

We’re upgrading signalling and track on the line from Woking to Portsmouth Harbour, to improve reliability, journey times and potential capacity.

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Between early 2022 and late 2024 we’ll be carrying out a large programme of work which includes a major resignalling project, upgrades to level crossings and renewing sections of track and switches and crossings.

Work will be carried out on weekends and, in some cases, during line weekday line closures. When we’re finished in 2024, our passengers can expect faster journeys, the potential for more train services, fewer delays and safer level crossings.

Farncombe to Petersfield Resignalling Scheme (F2P)

The majority of our improvements will be delivered through the F2P scheme, where the existing signalling system will be replaced with a modern equivalent.

Signalling between these two stations is controlled by signal boxes in Farncombe, Haslemere and Petersfield, using equipment dating back to the 1970s. As it nears 50 years of service, it is becoming less reliable and more difficult to maintain.

Under the F2P scheme we will install new, digital signalling technology and move control of the system to our Rail Operating Centre (ROC) in Basingstoke. The three signal boxes will then be decommissioned.

With the new signalling system installed, the line will be more reliable and we will be able to increase the future potential capacity of the line for train services.

Level crossing upgrades

12 level crossings along the route will also be either renewed or upgraded as part of the F2P scheme. We’ll be working on Hammer, Liss, Liss Common, Peasmarsh, Petersfield, Farncombe East, Farncombe West, Milford, Sheet, Shutters, Princes Bridge and Kingsfernsden level crossings.

We’ll change Automatic Half-Barrier (AHB) crossings to either Manually Controlled Barrier CCTV crossings (MCBs) or Obstacle Detection (OD) level crossings; upgrade lighting at existing MCB crossings; and install Miniature Stop Lights (MSLs) on selected footpath crossings. You can find out more about level crossings here.

As part of these upgrades, and as part of other projects, level crossings will need to be temporarily closed. Details can be found in the ‘level crossing closures’ section below.

Track renewals

As well as installing a brand-new signalling system, we will also be renewing track and sets of switches and crossings, which allow trains to move from one track to another.

In October 2022 we’ll be installing new switches and crossings at Petersfield, followed in February 2023 with a similar renewal in Haslemere.

New track and switches and crossings will allow us to improve line speeds on the route, increasing the speed that trains travel on the line.

Planned works

Work will take place on various dates from early 2022 and through to late 2024. The following weekday line closures are planned in 2022, with more to follow:

Saturday 12 to Sunday 20 February 2022 – Guildford to Petersfield and Havant

We’ll be carrying out construction work as part of the F2P programme along with track, drainage and electrical supply maintenance, embankment repairs and structural examinations.

On Saturday 12 February, then between Monday 14 and Friday 19 February, South Western Railway (SWR) services will start and terminate at Guildford. Buses will replace trains between Guildford and Petersfield. A rail shuttle service will operate between Petersfield and Portsmouth Harbour.

On Sunday 13 February, a rail shuttle service will operate between Havant and Portsmouth Harbour, with buses replacing trains from Guildford to Havant.

On Sunday 20 February, Great Western Railway (GWR) services between Gatwick Airport and Redhill will terminate at Guildford. Buses will replace trains between Guildford and Shalford.

More weekday line closures will be confirmed in due course. Please check back for updates.

Level crossing closures

During our improvements we will have to temporarily close some level crossings to road traffic. Closures will be advertised here:

  • Farncombe East level crossing (Bourne Road): 01:25 Saturday 12 to 02:00 Monday 14 February 2022
  • Liss level crossing (Station Road): 00:01 Tuesday 15 to 02:00 Friday February 2022
  • Farncombe West level crossing:00:01 Tuesday 15 to 23:59 Wednesday 16 February 2022
  • Princes Bridge level crossing: 00:01 Tuesday 15 to 23:59 Friday 18 February 2022
  • Sheet level crossing: 00:01 Saturday 19 to 23:59 Sunday 20 February 2022.

Please check back for updates.

Contact us

For more information or to get in touch with us, please contact us by visiting our contact us page or by calling our 24-hour national helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

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