British Transport policeman and Network Rail safety promotions coordinator visit Corton primary school

Safety in the community

Keeping people safe on and around the railway is at the heart of everything we do

We care about making sure passengers and other members of the public understand how to stay safe. We have a responsibility to inform and educate, as although we have one of the safest rail networks in Europe, serious or fatal accidents or near misses with trains still occur.

We invest in a number of safety awareness programmes and campaigns, working with national and local organisations to make the railway a safer place to be for the public, including level crossing safety, station safety and suicide prevention.

Promoting railway safety in schools

A key part of our work in the community is education, especially for young people. We regularly attend schools and community events to promote safety on the railway in local communities, and we also have great educational resources, developed with teachers and pupils, about electrification on the railway, level crossings and railway safety.

An essential element of the work we do to educate local communities is our partnership with the Tackling Track Safety project. This project has developed new and fun ways to engage people in rail safety and a combination of sports-based education, community engagement projects and volunteering projects are used to educate the British public.


Community safety managers

We have designated community safety managers in each of our Routes, whose role it is to work with local communities to promote safety on and around the railway.

If you are interested in finding out what work is going on in your area you can contact us