You Vs Train

Trespassing on the railway network is a major issue for Network Rail and the wider rail industry.

People fail to understand the danger they put themselves, and others, in when they make the choice to stray onto the rail network unauthorised.

Traditionally seasonal – there are spikes at key times throughout the year, with higher incidents taking place during British Summer Time. With that has come an increase in the number of deaths, injuries and delays on the rail network.

That’s why the rail industry, Network Rail and the British Transport Police have launched a campaign – called ‘You Vs Train’ in 2018.

This is an industry-wide drive, which aims to:

  • Raise awareness about the dangers of trespassing.
  • Change attitudes towards trespassing.
  • Reduce the likelihood of future trespassing.

Warning: the videos below contain scenes some viewers may find upsetting.

You Vs.Train – Harrison’s Story

Shattered Lives film

Parallel Lines film

Tom’s story

Dan’s story

Tegan’s story