How to get involved in community rail

All the information you need to get involved with community rail.

Finding a group in your area

Community Rail Network publishes a map of its members, across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Community Rail Partnerships 

Community rail partnerships (CRPs)  are the backbone of the community rail movement, bringing together local groups and partners along railway lines to work with industry, and delivering a range of community engagement and promotional activities. They promote understanding of the importance of local railways, in terms of improving mobility and sustainable travel, community cohesion and wellbeing, and social and economic development. 

Find your local CRP through Community Rail Network’s map of members.

If you are considering setting up a new CRP, please contact Community Rail Network for advice and guidance.  

Station adoption 

Station adoption groups make their stations welcoming, pleasant and attractive places. Often their work extends beyond basic upkeep, incorporating community gardening and food growing, local arts projects, and workshops and visits with children and young people. 

Most railway stations are leased to train operating companies (TOCs) and then managed by them.  

Where a station is managed by a specific TOC, that TOC should be your first point of contact. They will be able to give guidance on what activities a group can undertake. 

You can find a map of TOC operational areas and contact details on the National Rail Enquiries website. Contact details for TOCs are provided on their websites. 

We also manage some of the biggest and busiest stations in Great Britain. View our managed stations here. Please contact us directly about: 

  • Station adoption at our managed stations   
  • Land, buildings, or infrastructure that is not covered by a train operating company lease 

What to do if you want to start a community rail project

The rail industry and its regulatory framework can appear complicated. We suggest starting your community rail activities with the support of your local train operating company (TOC).

Please visit the TOC’s website for a communities or community rail page or contact the operator directly and ask to speak to your local community rail manager.

You can find a map of TOC operational areas and contact details on National Rail Enquiries.

Community Rail Network provide additional supporting guidance. You can find out more on their website.

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