Putting passengers first

Network Rail is changing.

We're becoming a company that is on the side of passengers and freight users; that is easy to engage with and is an efficient and dependable partner; a company people are proud to work for; instinctively recognised as an industry leader. 

We’ve already begun implementing major changes to make sure we’re embedding a customer service mindset, and making it easier for our partners and suppliers across the industry to work with us.

We're changing to make sure we deliver the best possible service to our passengers and freight customers.

What’s changed?

One of the biggest changes we’ve implemented is the formation of our new regions and routes.

In June 2019, we created five new regions, each with its own Managing Director.

Decision making is now more localised – this means a better understanding of what our passengers want, and greater effectiveness in delivering those changes.

Each region plans and responds to what passengers want and need from the railway, where they are – no longer are key decisions being made far away from the frontline. Less red tape, less bureaucracy – more improvements for passengers.

This focus on local delivery continued through August and September 2019, with the establishment within the regions of 14 new routes; highly localised and highly committed to delivering the best service possible.

Here are some recent improvements for passengers…

Our reorganisation – at a glance

  • A new Network Services directorate has been formed from the Freight and National Passenger Operators and Route Businesses Centre, and co-ordinates national initiatives that impact the operational railway such as freight, incident management, security and performance.
  • A number of previously centralised services and functions are being devolved to region or route level enabling us to be more responsive to customers and passengers and better deliver to future plans.

Next Steps

Changes are planned in a series of phases. 

  • The first phase took place between June and September 2019. 
  • Phase two of the programme started in November 2019.  This phase is designed to strengthen our new regions and further build Network Services and Route Services.
  • These changes will be embedded in the next few months before moving onto the next phase, in Summer 2020. It's important that the changes are made when the timing is right, and the network is ready, as this will deliver better outcomes for rail users.  
  • There are two more phases of change in the programme. The aim is to complete the whole programme of change by the end of 2020.  
  • Information will continue to be published on our website as these changes are introduced. 

A safe and reliable railway

Against this backdrop of transformation, our priority remains to deliver a safe and reliable railway. Information will continue to be published on our website as these changes are introduced.

This new structure will help transform Network Rail into an organisation that truly puts passengers first, delivers better day-to-day performance for the railway and one that is firmly on the side of passengers and freight users.