Intelligent Infrastructure (II) is a five-year transformation programme (2019-2024) focused on turning data into intelligent information to improve services for passengers.

It does this by giving maintenance teams the insight they need to proactively fix faults before they cause delays.

A Network Rail worker using an iPad to manage trackside data
Trackside data management

How will the Intelligent Infrastructure programme achieve this?

Working with the regions and our industry partners II will use existing and emerging digital technology to monitor the network and collect, collate and analyse data on asset performance. This information will be presented in an easy to understand format to provide maintenance teams with the insight they need to plan work proactively.

By analysing this data, teams can predict when, where and why faults are likely to happen. This warning could be 28 days, 90 days or even a year before a repair is needed.

This insight gives maintenance teams time to plan their work when it is least disruptive; it gives them the ability to group tasks to make the best use of their time and resources on site, and gives them visibility of degradation rates and access to maintenance history for railway assets.

Two Network Rail maintenance workers in full PPE looking at an iPad
Improved data for maintenance teams

It means we will become better at fixing the network before it breaks by using data to predict failures and be proactive instead of reacting after things have gone wrong.

What are the benefits of the Intelligent Infrastructure programme for passengers?

The II Programme presents a ‘big picture’ view of how everything within the network is related and allows us to be better at stopping faults that can cause delays.

Informed decision making

Ipad screen icon

Teams can see what areas on the railway need attention to prioritise work – which means fewer delays on the network.

Turning data into intelligent insight for maintenance teams means they can make safer more informed decisions.

Get home safely

Safety sign

With improved visibility of what, where and when assets need repairing, teams can reschedule maintenance work and reduce the number of potentially dangerous failures.

Get home on time

Get home on time icon

Proactively fixing more faults before they happen and avoiding maintenance during peak times. If faults don’t materialise, they don’t delay trains, and services are more reliable all round.

What tools are II delivering?

  • Insight – a web-based decision support tool translating data into intelligence across the entire network in one place for the first time
  • High-definition aerial imagery and 3D LiDAR mapping of the entire network
  • New remote asset condition monitoring including at level crossings, embankments and overhead lines
  • New standards and processes to ensure data quality and consistency

These new tools and capability will allow colleagues to carry out ‘predict and prevent' maintenance and introduce more effective workload planning.

See what we're delivering

Watch the video about out how we're turning data into intelligent information:

Network Rail logo appears
Followed by the Intelligent Infrastructure logo with the strapline ‘delivering the data-driven railway’
Upbeat music beginsComputer animated train runs along track
Inside view of helicopter looking out
A computer screen showing data being collected
Upbeat music continuesThe following words appear on a white background:
Information is revolutionary
Information is predicting
Information is empowering
Information is intelligence
Information is evolving
Network Rail is evolving
Network Rail is smarter
Network Rail is advancing
Network Rail is predicting
Network Rail is preventing
Network Rail is planning ahead
Upbeat music continuesYellow measurement train runs along the network
Inside the train staff are sat in front of screens overseeing data collection
A helicopter flies overhead collecting aerial imagery
Upbeat music continuesThe following words appear on a white background:
Data collection is targeted
Data collection is remote
Data collection is monitored
Data collection is evolving
Data collection is innovative
Data collection is whole system
Data collection never stops
Upbeat music continuesInside the helicopter staff are capturing aerial imagery data.
Upbeat music continuesAs the helicopter flies over the network it collects aerial imagery and digital terrain data.
Examples of data collected are highlighted over images of railway assets such as the track and a bridge to give an idea of how it can be used.
Upbeat music continuesThe following words appear on a white background:
Our decisions will be enhanced
Our decisions will be evidence-based
Our decisions will be proactive
Our decisions will be predictive
Our decisions will be supported
Our decisions will be timely
Our decisions will be safer
Our decisions will be data-driven
Upbeat music continuesTrain loaded with railway sleepers arrives at worksite and starts to unload.
Staff member checks information on his iPad.
Train runs along track again
Upbeat music continuesThe following words appear on a white background:
Intelligent Infrastructure will harness data
Intelligent Infrastructure will transform work
Intelligent Infrastructure will drive performance
Intelligent Infrastructure will predict faults
Intelligent Infrastructure will reduce risk
Intelligent Infrastructure will safeguard workers
Deliver for our customers
Upbeat music continuesA family walks through a busy station
A passenger train arrives at a station, doors open, and passengers leave
Freight train runs along track
Upbeat music continuesThe following words appear on a white background:
It’s a future that we can all be part of
Upbeat music continuesMembers of staff review data at their desk.
Upbeat music continuesThe following words appear on a white background:
A smarter, safer, better performing railway for the passenger
Upbeat music continuesHappy passengers shown at stations
Upbeat music continuesThe following words appear on a white background:
We’re putting passengers first
Music fadesThe Intelligent Infrastructure logo appears with the strapline ‘delivering the data-driven railway’
The end card appears with the Network Rail logo.

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