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Intelligent Infrastructure

Intelligent Infrastructure is a digital transformation programme focused on improving asset management and helping maintenance become proactive rather than reactive.   

We’re using technology to turn data into intelligent information so front line and supporting teams can work safely, smarter, and seamlessly. A range of easy-to-use online applications will provide our teams with the right information at the right time, making it easier to deliver improved services for passengers and freight customers. 

A Network Rail worker using an iPad to manage trackside data
Trackside data management

How will the Intelligent Infrastructure programme achieve this?

The II programme is using technology to create: 

  • Apps that turn data into intelligence, helping our teams to move towards a more proactive maintenance approach, fixing the network before it breaks to avoid delays and speed restrictions.  
  • A holistic view of the railway to help teams identify the root cause of common issues. 
  • Easy to use apps with interactive maps and aerial survey imagery to support evidence-based decision making and help out teams work smarter.   
  • Centralised data bases giving teams transparency to plan what, where and when to act.  
Two Network Rail maintenance workers in full PPE looking at an iPad
Improved data for maintenance teams

Watch this short video to understand how the programme is using technology to create a safe, reliable, and affordable railway.  

What are the benefits of the Intelligent Infrastructure programme for passengers?

The II Programme presents a ‘big picture’ view of how everything within the network is related and allows us to be better at stopping faults that can cause delays.

Get home safely

Safety sign

With improved visibility of what, where and when assets need repairing, teams can reschedule maintenance work and reduce the number of potentially dangerous failures.

Get home on time

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Turning data into intelligent information helps maintenance teams move towards more proactive ways of working. Allowing them to plan work when the network is quieter and fix faults before they happen. If faults don’t materialise, they don’t delay trains, and services are more reliable all round. 

What tools are II delivering?

  • Citadel – managing our operating property
  • insight – promoting proactive maintenance for track and signalling 
  • Strategy Engineering and Asset Management Systems (StrEAMS) – all drainage data in one place 
  • mywork – easier to complete work orders
  • myworkmanager – easier to manage work orders
  • myinfrastructuremanager – easier to raise, track and close failures 
  • National Relay Database – bringing together all signalling relay data 
  • Network Enterprise Structures and Tunnels System (NEST) – all structure asset information in one place
  • Web Tunnel Condition Marking Index (WebTCMI) – capturing and managing tunnel surveys and assessment data 
  • Geotechnical Asset Insights application (GAIA) – consolidating geotechnical asset data, weather data, and work plans – helping teams manage risk and prioritise safety
  • Digitised Lineside Inspections (DLI) – a desktop alternative to walking the track to identify vegetation encroachment
  • Planit – long-term asset workbank planning
  • Scheduleit – planning from two years out, right up to the day before works commence 
  • Recordit – timesheet recording

These new tools and capability will allow colleagues to carry out ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance and introduce more effective workload planning.

See what we’re delivering

Watch this video to see how engineers are using the ‘insight’ web app to save time and money.

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