On-train metering

We recover the cost of electric current for traction (EC4T) through traction electricity charges, which are charged to all electric train operators

In April 2010 some operators moved to metered electricity billing, also known as on-train metering (OTM), which means their charges are no longer based on modelled consumption rates, but instead are based on actual metered usage.

All published documentation related to on-train metering and the traction electricity rules can be accessed below.

Traction electricity rules (formerly known as the EC4T metering rules)

The traction electricity rules are a common set of rules that apply to all parties who run electrically powered services (with some minor exceptions). The traction electricity rules are incorporated into, and therefore form part of, each track access agreement between Network Rail and operators.

ORR approval notices

The traction electricity rules may be updated from time to time, in addition to each time an operator opts in for on-train metering.

The approval notices from ORR for changes to traction electricity rules can be downloaded below.

Information on on-train metering incentive charge

We levy an on-train metering (OTM) incentive charge on metered operators where there are significant levels of missing metered data.

The provisions relating to this incentive charge are outlined under paragraph seven of the traction electricity rules.

Network Rail metering data interface specification

The Network Rail metering data interface specification explains in detail, in accordance with any applicable standards, the manner and format in which metered data should be provided.

We will update this document from time to time in discussion with the relevant train operators. You can download the current version below.