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Pricing supplements

The pricing supplements listed are our public benchmarks that have not matured

If you have enquiries about a pricing supplement that is not listed below please email us

Issue DateCurrencySize (000)CouponMaturityISIN
13 Feb 14USD500,000FRNFebruary 2017XS1031975466
24 Jan 14USD1,000,0001.750January 2019XS1020806375
15 Jan 14GBP500,0001.125December 2016XS1015038109
24 Oct 13USD1,250,0000.625December 2016XS0987346433
03 Sep 13GBP400,0003.000September 2023XS0969593549
15 May 13USD1,750,0000.875May 2018XS0932218935
18 Feb 13GBP600,000FRNFebruary 2016XS0891028044
24 Jan 13GBP750,0001.0000December 2017XS0878750248
03 Oct 12USD1,250,0000.7500October 2017XS0837730653
31 Aug 11USD1,000,0001.2500August 2016XS0671005576
20 Sep 07GBP-IL3,960,0001.1250November 2047XS0322049296
26 Jun 07GBP-IL3,790,0001.7500November 2027XS0307538016
10 May 07GBP-IL3,940,0001.3750November 2037XS0299655448
15 Nov 06AUD500,0006.0000November 2016AU3CB0007508
06 Oct 06CHF300,0002.7500October 2021CH0026950078
06 Mar 06CAD500,0004.4000March 2016CA64125QAA63
07 Dec 05GBP875,0004.3750December 2030XS0236698972
21 Jul 05GBP1,000,0004.6250July 2020XS0225051811
20 Jan 05GBP750,0004.7500January 2024XS0210467873
29 Nov 04GBP1,250,0004.8750November 2015XS0206362039
29 Nov 04GBP1,250,0004.7500November 2035XS0206361221


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