ETCS and Radio System Compatibility

Assessment of compatibility of Train onboard subsystem and Trackside subsystem for European Train Control Systems.

ESC/RSC Technical Document

The European Rail Agency manages a technical document of the checks for “ESC/RSC types” defined by EU member state infrastructure managers.

Since the UK left the EU, ERA no longer publishes UK ESC/RSC types, but has recorded those identified at that time.

Network Rail, has set up and manages a technical document of GB specific ESC/RSC types

The latest version of the files with the definition of the checks corresponding to each ESC and RSC types recorded by Network Rail can be found in the folders below.

ETCS System Compatibility

ETCS System Compatibility (ESC) records the technical compatibility between train onboard systems and the trackside systems within an area of use of the ETCS system.

An “ESC type” is defined by Network Rail for each area of use proposed for ETCS application.

ETCS System Compatibility Documents

Radio System Compatibility

Radio System Compatibility (RSC)records the technical compatibility between train voice or data radio on-board and the trackside radio systems (currently GSMR).

RSC System Compatibility Documents

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