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Useful documents for passenger and freight train operators

We operate, maintain and improve Britain’s railway infrastructure, placing rail users and train operators at the heart of what we do.

Here you’ll find the key documents to guide you through how we do business with our customers, which include both existing and potential operators of train services. Approaches are welcomed equally from:

  • potential new operators applying for open access
  • existing holders of track access rights, in relation to new passenger access contracts or amendment of existing track access contracts
  • prospective franchisees in relation to franchise replacement and franchise extension.

We support the Department for Transport (DfT) in clarifying the outputs required of passenger train franchises, collaborating in planning and providing information for developing and evaluating bids and associated contracts. If a potential operator identifies a new market for train services not currently served by a franchise, they can apply to us for open access rights to run those trains.

Find out how we’re transforming to create more focus on our customers, train and freight operating companies

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