Freight performance

Let’s forget those outdated perceptions of rail freight.

Proud to power Freight Britain.

Think it’s just a small player in the bigger picture? Think again. Rail freight network is an integral part of the supply chains of some of Britain’s most dynamic businesses.

Big household names, online retailers and fast-moving start-ups can deliver goods overnight reliably because rail is part of their supply chains. Britain’s airports rely on the supplies of aviation fuel rail delivers on a regular basis, while power stations trust rail to supply and take away their vital fuel and take away their waste safely. They’ll all tell you that rail freight delivers the responsive, dependable service they need, at a competitive price and on a scale that suits their businesses.

Delivering goods on time

We know businesses rely on rail to deliver goods at just the right time, so we work in collaboration with our customers to monitor and manage freight train performance and time keeping. This includes:

• Continuous real-time tracking of all trains
• Monitoring and reviewing every delay above two minutes
• Using dedicated systems or apps to provide instant access to train running information.

See how we’re doing for timekeeping

Keeping these performance-monitoring techniques up-to-date is essential because rail plays such an important part in the logistical supply chain of major retailers, who rely on high-quality delivery and accurate information to meet their customers’ needs. For more information email

Did you know?

We’re partnering with the freight industry to trial new forms of express freight, supporting logistics companies with the ever-increasing demand for parcels due to the growth in online shopping.

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