Becoming a supplier

Interested in working with us?

We’re committed to making it easier for organisations to work with us and provide their services and products to help make Britain’s railway even better.

Depending on what your organisation provides, and what projects you want to work on, there are four steps involved in becoming a supplier for Network Rail. It is also important that any organisation that wants to work with Network Rail knows what we expect from our suppliers.

How to register as a Network Rail supplier

Step 1

Register on BravoNR. This is our procurement portal and any organisation wishing to supply goods, works or services to Network Rail must be registered on BravoNR.

Step 2

If you supply goods, works or services under Railway Industry Commodity Classification List (RICCL) codes directly to Network Rail, or wish to do so, please note that Network Rail uses the Railway safety and Standards Board (RSSB) Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) as a ‘Qualification System’ under the Utilities Contract Regulations (2016) where Network Rail may choose to select participants directly from the ‘Qualification System’ without placing a further ‘Find a Tender’ service call for competition. 

For suppliers of safety critical goods, works or services (i.e. RICCL codes) who wish to contract directly with Network Rail, register on RISQS and become a supplier with audited status. RISQS is both a Qualification System under the Utilities Contract Regulations and an assurance system run by the Railway Safety and Standards Board. 

Network Rail has chosen to use RISQS as its assurance system for suppliers with whom Network Rail contracts directly. We do not mandate RISQS on our Tier 1 suppliers and it is up to them how they assure their own sub-contractors and sub-suppliers. 

If you supply goods, works and services under RICCL categories to buyers other than Network Rail, we advise you to check with the relevant buying organisations to find out which supplier assurance system(s) they use, if at all.  

Step 3

Procurement opportunities are listed on BravoNR and can also be viewed on the Network Rail procurement pipeline. Under each opportunity the buyer contact details are listed. You will also find additional documents providing more information on the procurement.

Step 4

Familiarise yourself with Network Rail standards relevant to the procurement. You can register for access to these standards via this form. Access to the Standards is free of charge for our suppliers and key stakeholders.

Working with Network Rail

We demand value from our suppliers and our focus is on improving efficiency and safety across the railway. It is important that all our suppliers work within the terms set out in our supply chain charter and understand how we measure performance.

Find out more about working with us, including our category management, supplier relationship management and supplier performance.

Supplier Qualification Requirements

In accordance with clause 6.7.2 of standard NR/L2/SCO/302 – Supplier Qualification Requirements, those organisations approved by Network Rail to undertake the role of Supplier Assurance Provider are as follows:

The Helicon
One South Place


Achilles Link Up
Achilles Information Ltd
30 Western Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SH


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