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Buildings and architecture design guidance

Documents, links and guidance for anyone involved in the design and construction of Network Rail buildings.

Our principles of good design
6 MB
This document sets out overarching, what strategic the design principles are as well as, why they matter, what they apply to and how they will benefit the Network Rail estate.
Buildings and Architecture Strategy
58 KB
This document outlines the current strategy of Network Rail’s Technical Building and Architecture team, including vision and delivery tactics.
The CP7 Buildings and Architecture Policy
166 KB
This document sets out governing principles and outlines the steps and initiatives the five Network Rail Regions should focus on for CP7 to deliver a ‘Mobility as a Service' Vision.
Design Advice Panel
1 MB
Strategic guidance: Provides advice on assessing the suitability of projects for Design Review, and the procedure for undertaking the reviews with Network Rail’s independent Design Advice Panel.
Station Design
17 MB
Strategic guidance: Provides guidance to those involved in the early design and commissioning of station works, to give a better understanding of the key factors that influence design outcomes.
Heritage: Care and Development
25 MB
Strategic guidance: Provides guidance to the legislative framework which protects Network Rail’s historic estate. It also provides advice as to how best to maintain the estate.
Public toilets
4 MB
Station Design guidance: Provides guidance as to design approach for public toilets across Network Rail’s estate.
Station Footbridges and Subways
5 MB
Station Design guidance: Provides guidance for all new footbridges and subways. Also offers advice on how existing structures can be adapted, renovated and brought in line with current standards.
Wayfinding Design
20 MB
Compliance guidance: Provides guidance on the requirements for the specification of new and updating of existing directional signs within Network Rail managed stations.
Inclusive Design
8 MB
Compliance guidance: Provides guidance for inclusive design, key standards and procedures that Network Rail expect project teams to apply in designing and delivering the built environment of Britain's railways.
Maintenance Delivery Units
4 MB
Operational guidance: Provides guidance for new and existing Maintenance Delivery Units design.
Workplace DNA
32 MB
Operational guidance: Provides guidance on the design of Network Rail workplaces.
Redundant Signal Box Strategy
3 MB
Operational guidance: Provides guidance for signal boxes that are no longer required for railway operations, including retention, demolition and relocation.

Standardised Footbridge Design

Network Rail’s Building and Architecture team has partnered with international and local design firms to develop a series of standardised footbridges that can be used across Britain’s railway to deliver a consistent, high-quality built environment.

Frame Footbridge
37 MB
Design in collaboration with Gottlieb Paludan Architects and Strasky, Husty and Partners.
Ribbon Footbridge
12 MB
Designed in collaboration with ARUP and Knight Architects.
Beacon Footbridge
6 MB
Designed in collaboration with Haskoll and Davies Maguire.

Related documents and links

  • Buildings & Architecture Design Hub – Free public link, requiring registration, to the Design and Guidance resources of Technical Authority’s Building & Architecture.
  • ThinkStation Report – Report summarising industry and passenger stakeholder cocreation series to help develop ideas for a future passenger hub.
  • HUB book – A study of standardised railway stations around Britain, commissioned by Network Rail.
  • LINK book – A photographic study of 100 footbridges on the British railway network.

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