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Move my freight by rail

Freight operation

We can offer advice on any aspect of moving freight by rail. Train services are provided separately by licensed operators and if you want to move goods by rail you have three options:

  • set up as a freight train operator (see obtaining freight track access)
  • hire the services of an existing freight operating company (FOC)
  • contract to a third-party logistics operator to arrange your service.
Freight train being loaded at an aggregate yard

Contracting with an existing train operator to manage the transport of your goods is the simplest option. The operator will contact us if they need additional network access.

If you want the FOC to offer services beyond rail haulage you may ask them to provide a fuller package, which might include such aspects as wagon supply and logistics support.

If you want the FOC to provide additional services, ask them about fuller packages, which might include wagon supply, logistics support and other services. It is up to you whether you want to be involved in the individual elements of a freight service or ask for a one-stop-shop.

Freight operating companies

The operators currently licensed to provide freight services in Britain include:

Information for operators

Logistics companies

Some logistics companies procure freight train services between inland terminals and act as ‘aggregators’ – subletting space on their trains to other parties. This may be an option if you wish to move containerised goods by rail. These logistics companies include:

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