System Requirements and Integration GB Generic Requirements Suite

System Requirement & Integration (SR&I) is responsible for developing a suite of industry approved documents – called the GB DR Generic Requirements Suite.

This suite defines the requirements, safety elements, guidance and common operating rules that are needed to deliver digital railway systems which includes European Train Control System (ETCS), Traffic Management and Connected Driver Advisory System (C-DAS).

The suite provides a standard framework for anyone involved in a digital railway-related project, to make sure that different systems and processes are compatible and can be integrated to work safely and coherently together. This approach will save scheme developers time and money and increase efficiency and safety across Network Rail’s routes and regions.

The documents have been split up into the below folders;

Systems Engineering suite 

Describes how the railway that is using ETCS Level 2 (without lineside signals) and integrated Traffic Management interfaced with Connected Driver Advisory System (C-DAS) should operate, and the functional relationships between the constituent systems of the digital railway System of Systems (SoS). 

System Requirements suite 

Defines the standards and functionality which digital rail technologies and related equipment need to meet to be installed on the railway. 

Safety Management suite

Defines safety management for the operation and maintenance of digital railway technologies and related equipment on the railway. 

System Definition suite

Describes the overall structure of how the technology fits together, the functions it must provide, and how the boundaries work between geographies, Network Rail and operator systems. 

Operational Readiness and Deployment Guidance suite

Defines operational consistency to enable deployment projects to improve future implementation using established principles and lessons learned from previous projects and processes.  

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