Find out about the procurement process and up coming procurement opportunities through our centralised Route Services team and our Network Rail regions.

Procurement at Network Rail takes place on two levels. Route Services is a division of Network Rail that supplies services that the routes and regions collectively decide are best provided from a single support team. This allows our regions to benefit from economies of scale and allows us to optimise resources on a national basis.

Procurement for capital works can also take place directly through our regions. Following the devolution of Network Rail as part of our Putting Passengers First programme, accountability for the delivery of capital works projects moved to our five capital delivery directors within our regions. To support this, some services, particularly within capital delivery are procured directly through the regions.

Consolidated procurement pipeline

Network Rail is committed to making visible its work pipeline to all its suppliers. That’s we why we have become signatories
of the Rail Supply Group’s ‘Work Pipeline Charter’ and are encouraging every rail business throughout the UK to become signatories. This is one step towards increasing confidence across the industry, creating a far more collaborative working environment for
us all.

We recognise that providing our suppliers with visibility of our future procurement requirements creates a basis on which to plan their business, the ability to recruit, develop and retain staff with the skills necessary to support our demands and the knowledge to support investment decisions in plant and equipment, and innovation.

Download procurement pipeline (291 KB, xlsx)

To further support our supply chain’s ability to plan ahead, you can see our renewals forecast and volume report at the link below. This report is updated three times a year after each rolling forecast (4, 8 & 11) and will be published here following Department for Transport and ministerial clearance.

Download renewals forecast and volume report (79 KB, xlsx)

National contracts

Contract register

Our contract register is updated each period. Here you will find details of all our national contracts and frameworks as well as who to speak to if you need more information about a particular contract.

Download the contract register (324 KB, xlsx)

Category management

We’ve established 30 category families which cover our entire expenditure profile. While doing this, we defined the category scope by connecting it with RISQS codes.

Category strategies consider the category from a company-wide perspective and use historic and, more importantly, future demand and market analysis to define a three-to-five-year strategy for each category family.

We also publish our category management pipeline and update this on a regular basis.

Categories and descriptions

Standard suite of contracts

We provide access to our suite of contracts to all suppliers. More information, including a downloadable copy can be found on the dedicated standard suite of contracts page.

Supplying capital works projects

Our regionally based teams, each headed up by a capital delivery director, work hard to increase capacity on the network by developing, designing and delivering enhancements and large complex capital projects. Renewals works, to replace expired infrastructure with modern equivalents in line with our Railway Upgrade Plan, also fall under the responsibility of capital delivery.

With over 11,800 live projects nationwide, our regional capital delivery teams rely on an extensive supply chain to help deliver a better railway. Accountability for the delivery of capital works projects now sits at a regional level but assurance of capital works projects remains centrally managed in the organisation.

CP7 capital delivery frameworks

Our provisional CP7 capital delivery frameworks are available via the link below. Firm procurement dates and timelines will be published in the relevant procurement documentation and advert to market.

Download CP7 provisional capital delivery frameworks (309 KB, PDF)

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