Living by the railway

Welcome to our online hub for people who live and work near the railway.

The railway touches most communities in Britain, which means we have millions of neighbours who live close to the tracks and other infrastructure. As well as our enhancement projects, we work 24/7 to keep the railway running and sometimes make repairs at short notice for safety reasons.

We care about how our work on the railway affects those who live and work nearby. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page please contact us.

How our work may affect you

Our work is often noisy, late at night and at weekends. We do our best to keep noise and disruption to a minimum and we try to be considerate by giving you as much notice as possible about our general maintenance or planned engineering works.

If works are due to an emergency or involve a moving worksite over a long distance it may not always be possible to inform you in advance of the works. We will however always listen to concerns and will fully investigate complaints or reports. If you want to tell us about something, please let us know.

Our work near you

Use the links below to find out more about the works that we undertake on the railway.

Digital notifications

We are introducing a new digital notification service to inform lineside neighbours and communities of our planned works whether it be general maintenance or projects on a larger scale.  The digital service will provide quicker and more informative notifications.  This is a step-change in the way we engage with our neighbours and communities.  It would be great to have you on board please sign up and register.

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