Employee and contractor behaviour

All our employees and contractors are required to respect residents and their property

We understand that maintenance and engineering work impacts on the people who live and work near the railway – particularly people who live near access points. This is why we require our employees and contractors to respect the privacy, sensitivity and property of residents.

What we expect of our employees and contractors

We expect our employees and contractors to behave properly while carrying out engineering and maintenance work. This means that we expect them to:

  • deal with members of the public in a polite and courteous manner
  • keep noise to a minimum
  • avoid shouting and swearing – these will not be tolerated
  • park vehicles in proper parking areas only, so that public rights of way and residential and business properties are not blocked in any way
  • switch off vehicle engines when vehicles are parked
  • keep the volume of the radios in their vehicles down to a minimum
  • bag up and remove all litter, scrap and other debris from the site for proper disposal at the end of a shift.

Read more about our code of conduct on our Ethics page.

Night-time work

We take special care when positioning lighting and generators on-site – particularly during night-time working.

We ask our employees and contractors to avoid shining lights on nearby homes and place generators as far away from houses as possible.

Most of our maintenance and engineering work on the tracks has to be done at nights and weekends so that we can keep the trains running. In fact, we are required by law to undertake engineering work when the railway line is closed to rail traffic.

More information

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What to do if you have a problem caused by the railway or have more questions

If you have a problem caused by employee and contractor behaviour or any other part of the railway or if you simply want more information, please get in touch with us.