Level crossing safety

There are around 6,000 level crossings in Britain. Every day they save thousands of lives by protecting us from one of the busiest rail networks in the world

We invest in a wide-ranging programme, working with national and local organisations, to make level crossings safer and to help people use them correctly.

Trespassing on the railway is illegal and dangerous. You could be taken to court and face a £1000 fine.

Level crossings map

Crossing Over film

The following film, for ages 12 and over, was filmed at the school attended by Olivia Bazlinton and Charlotte Thompson, who were killed at a level crossing in Elsenham in 2005. It shows the dangers at level crossings and features an interview with Tina Hughes MBE, mother of Olivia Bazlinton.


Level crossings for drivers

Guidance for driving over level crossings

Level crossings for pedestrians

Guidance for pedestrians at level crossings

Level crossings for cyclists

Guidance for cycling over level crossings

Level crossings for horse riders

Guidance for horse riders at level crossings

Safety education

Educational resources developed with teachers and pupils about electrification on the railway, level crossings and railway safety

Reducing risk at level crossings

In 2010 we started a landmark level crossing risk reduction programme – here's how it's improving safety on the network

Deliberate abuse of level crossings

These real life videos show just how dangerous it is to deliberately abuse level crossings