The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has published various documents in relation to the 2013 Periodic Review – here are our responses

The ORR's documents on PR13 can be downloaded from the ORR PR13 micro-site.

Our response to ORR's general publications on PR13

First PR13 consultation – full response (September 2011)
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First PR13 consultation – cover letter (September 2011)
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First PR13 consultation – summary of response (September 2011)
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Consultation on output framework and financial issues – response (September 2012)
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Access charges

ORR sets the access charging objectives and framework and leads on the development of new access charges.

Our response to the access charges

ORR consultation on on-rail competition: Options for change in open access – response (August 2013)
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Consultation on electricity for traction charges for CP5 – response (May 2013)
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Consultation on a freight specific charge for biomass – response (March 2013)
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Consultation on the variable usage charge and a freight specific charge – response (August 2012)
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Suggestion to geographically disaggregate variable usage charges – response (May 2012)
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Control Period 5 implementation

In finalising the periodic review process and to implement its determinations, the ORR will make both contractual and licence changes.

Control Period 5 implementation

Network Rail response (June 2013)
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Ahead of its consultation on proposed contractual and licence changes, the ORR issued an industry letter which discussed a potential new approach to indexing access charges in Control Period 5.
Network Rail response (September 2013)
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In July 2013, ORR consulted on the specific changes it proposed to make to track and station access agreements and Network Rail’s licence to implement the 2013 periodic review – this reflected the proposed policy conclusions set out in the Draft Determination.
Network Rail response (October 2013)
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In September 2013, the ORR consulted on its proposed changes to charter track access agreements, reflecting its draft conclusions on the structure of charges and Schedule 8 performance regime for charter operators.

Financial framework

As part of the periodic review, ORR sets our financial framework for the forthcoming control period. The financial framework includes risk and uncertainty, cost of capital issues and RAB related issues.

Our response to the financial framework

Proposals to set a pre-determined inflation allowance for CP5 – response (September 2012)
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PR13 consultation on incentives: Allowed return for regulated companies with unconventional ownership structures – cover letter (February 2012)
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PR13 consultation on incentives: Allowed return for regulated companies with unconventional ownership structures – Oxera note (February 2012)
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Incentives framework

As part of the Periodic Review, ORR sets our incentives framework for the forthcoming control period.

Incentive frameworks include efficiency sharing mechanisms, the volume incentive, contractual incentives (such as the possessions and performance regime) and financial framework incentives amongst others.

Our response to the incentives framework

Consultation on the volume incentive – response (February 2013)
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Aligning incentives: decisions on REBS and train operator exposure to Network Rail's costs at Periodic Review – letter to Cathryn Ross (February 2013)
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Consultation on aligning incentives to improve efficiency – response (July 2012)
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PR13 consultation on incentives – response (February 2012)
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Inflation proposals – presentation (September 2012)
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Inflation proposals – Oxera note (September 2012)
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PR13 consultation on incentives – cover letter (February 2012)
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Efficiency sharing workshop – response (October 2011)
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Alliance and efficiency benefit sharing workshop – response (April 2012)
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Alliance and efficiency benefit sharing workshop – presentation (April 2012)
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Establishing Network Rail's efficient expenditure consultation – response (October 2011)
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Using incentives to improve capacity utilisation workshop – response (October 2011)
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Schedules 4 and 8

The ORR is seeking industry views on Schedules 4 and 8, which set out compensation arrangements for the financial impact of planned and unplanned rail service disruptions attributable to Network Rail or other train operators.

On 13 December 2012, we held a workshop on Schedule 8 payment rates. Workshop slides (PDF, December 2012)

Our response to Schedules 4 and 8 consultation

Consultation on Schedules 4 and 8 – response (January 2013)
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Steer Davies Gleave, Sustained Poor Performance – final report (January 2013)
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