Rail Innovation & Development Centres

Our dedicated test facilities provide safe and reliable testing environments for new and modified technology within the rail industry

We own and operate two Rail Innovation & Development Centres (RIDCs) in Britain, one in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire and the other in Tuxford in Nottinghamshire. The team that runs these RIDCs is part of our Safety, Technical and Engineering directorate.

These two test facilities are strategically very important because they provide a safe environment where new and modified rolling stock, plant, on-track machines, infrastructure, equipment and technology can be tested – either by us or the rail industry. These facilities are also available for training.

Safe and reliable testing at our RIDCs

RIDC Melton and RIDC Tuxford both closely represent the operational railway and include many characteristics found across our national network, making them a safe and reliable testing environment for the railway of the future.

Interested in using our RIDCs?

Please complete the RIDC initial enquiry form to enquire about testing at RIDC Melton or RIDC Tuxford.


Price List – Rail Innovation & Development Centres (148 KB, PDF)
Brochure – Rail Innovation & Development Centres (714 KB, PDF)