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Film on our property

Filming on Network Rail property

At Network Rail we work with film and television production companies to create a sustainable income and promote a global recognition of our iconic locations.

Commercial filming

All filming requests, except for those listed below, are managed by our Commercial Filming team. Please visit the dedicated filming site for more information including contact details, fees and how to apply.

News and current affairs

Each railway related filming or photography request is reviewed on an individual basis. Access will only be granted to applications which are not disruptive for passengers and fall within our safety guidelines. Get in touch with our press team​​ to find out more.

We can help with requests for the 20 major stations we manage . The other 2,500 stations are managed by the train operating companies and will need to be approached directly. National Rail Enquiries details who manages each station.

For enquiries relating to St Pancras International, please visit their website.


Rail enthusiasts can usually be facilitated at most of our locations. Please visit our dedicated railway enthusiasts page for further information.

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