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Track renewals

The 800m track renewal system replaces existing rails and sleepers with high-performing new ones

When we talk about railway track, we mean the whole structure that trains run on, including:

  • Rails – these are the lengths of steel that are welded together.
  • Sleepers – these are supports for the rails.
  • Switches and crossings – these are moveable sections of track that guide trains from one track to another and allow them to cross paths. They have an especially limited lifespan because trains cause wear and deformation when they travel across them.
  • Sets of points – these are mechanical systems that move the switches and crossings.

Engineers working on track at night time

The TRS works in a similar conveyored system to the ballast cleaner. The front part runs on the old rails, while the rear runs on the new rail that the system has installed, so any lines adjacent to the one the TRS is working on can remain open to passing trains.

However, these trains will generate some noise and may cause some disturbance.

We apologise in advance for disturbance this may cause you.

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