Bridge replacement

Replacing bridges allows trains to run more frequently, safely and reliably well into the future.

Bridges on our network – many of which were built during the Victorian era – can reach the point where major works are needed.

It’s known as the end of their ‘design life.’ This means that they have to be replaced to continue to provide a safe and reliable railway for passengers.

New railway bridge installed over the River Lea Navigation in Tottenham

What sort of work is carried out?

  • Replacement of the bridge ‘deck’ (the structure usually including the road or rails)
  • Original metalwork retained and refurbished where relevant and possible
  • Preparations or installation of overhead line equipment to allow electrified trains to use the new bridge
  • Building a stronger, more modern structure to allow the bridge to carry heavier and longer trains
  • Improved resilience to strikes from vehicles

More about Bridge works

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