Vegetation maintenance

Our work to manage vegetation by the railway helps to keep trains running safely and on time

Managing the trees, shrubs and plants alongside our railway to ensure the safety of passengers and railway workers is essential, and it’s something we plan carefully and with consideration.

We receive many enquiries about our vegetation work and know that the decisions we take are important, especially for our lineside neighbours – anyone who lives, or runs a business, within 500 metres of the railway.

We understand that undertaking vegetation work can be unsettling for those who live nearby and have grown used to the trees or hedges in the local area. That’s why our vegetation management process involves a lot of planning and thought, for the least disruption to lineside neighbours and wildlife.

Our approach can be different across each of our 14 routes because we work to address the unique local geographic and natural considerations. But wherever we are, our focus is to deliver a safe, efficient, and biodiverse railway fit for the future. 

Working with chainsaws

In the audio files below, you can hear noise levels generated by chainsaws

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