Passengers looking at departure boards in Birmingham new street station

Asset management

Our commitment to our customers is enshrined in a promise to deliver the timetable so that trains run safely, punctually and reliably now and in the future

Effective asset management supports the delivery of this promise by planning, delivering and making available an infrastructure that supports the current and future timetable safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Asset management policy

Our asset management policy sets out our overall approach for the sustainable management of our operational infrastructure and identifies the core principles that underpin the delivery and implementation of this approach.

Asset management policy

Asset management strategy

Our asset management strategy has two main purposes:

Firstly, it summarises the high level objectives and targets for the infrastructure for the current control period and the baseline assumptions for the next.

Secondly, it defines what needs to be done to improve our asset management capability both to deliver these requirements and to achieve a level of asset management maturity that is at least as good as the best comparable organisations in the UK.

Asset management strategy

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