Improving London Waterloo station

We are working on a series of projects to improve the experience for passengers at London Waterloo.  

We are refurbishing toilets, replacing the 100-year-old station roof, improving customer information systems and upgrading the retail offer. 

Refurbishing the toilets at London Waterloo station

Until the Sumer of 2024 work is underway on a project to refurbish and remodel the toilets, improving the experience for all passengers.  

The investment is needed because the existing toilet facilities were tired and outdated and didn’t meet modern accessibility standards or the expectations of passengers travelling today. 

Alternative facilities for passengers are available at the Sidings and outside the station on Cab Road. 

What are we doing? 

  • Refurbishing all facilities with modern fittings and fixtures. 
  • Upgrading plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems. 
  • Switching the location of the female and male toilets allowing us to balance capacity.   
  • Installing toilets for passengers with unseen disabilities. 
  • Remodelling the concourse level lobby providing accessible toilets which will both contain baby change facilities.  
  • Installing a ramp to give step-free access to accessible and baby change areas via the concourse lobby. 

What are the benefits?  

Improved passenger experience 

Modern fixtures and fittings, as well as plumbing, electrical and mechanical upgrades will give passengers a more pleasant environment and more reliable facilities than can better manage the heavy demands of a busy station.    

More accessible 

  • A balanced number of male and female facilities, as well as a new gender-neutral facility will meet the needs and expectations of passengers travelling today. 
  • New ambulant toilets will improve accessibility for passengers travelling with unseen disabilities. 
  • Step-free access to accessible toilets and baby changing areas will make it easier for people with impaired mobility, the elderly and parents with children.  

Alternative toilet facilities while work is taking place 

Whilst work is taking place alternative toilet facilities for passengers will be available at:  

  • The Sidings, accessed via the staircase by platform 19 and via the lift opposite platform 24. Accessible toilets, changing places and baby change facilities will be available.   
  • Temporary toilets will be available on Cab Road where the bike racks are currently.  
  • The existing accessible toilet on Cab Road will remain open while work is taking place. 

We will have staff in place to guide passengers to alternative facilities and help manage passenger flow and demand at busy times.  

The bikes racks have moved

To accommodate alternative toilet facilities while the station toilets are being refurbished, some bike racks on Cab Road have been removed until summer 2024. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

174 cycle spaces will remain available on Cab Road, while 193 spaces will be available by platform 11.

Repairing London Waterloo’s 100-year-old roof 

Waterloo station mezzenine and concourse

The roof that covers the station concourse was rebuilt just after the First World War in 1922. After more than 100 years of sheltering passengers from the wind and rain, it is time to replace the old glazing.  

The work is needed as the existing glazing and support structures needed more intensive and expensive maintenance to stop leaks.  

Work to replace the glazed panels and the support structures which hold them and a full repaint of the roof structure started in summer 2023 and will continue for four years. The project also includes repair and repaint of the Port Cochere roofs which provide shelter on the Cab Road.

How will the station be affected by roof works?  

The operation of the station, including passenger services and retail outlets will be unaffected by the work. 

A temporary roof structure we will be built underneath the existing roof to protect passengers from the elements. Passengers will see a scaffolding deck that will be moved across the concourse in line with the phasing of works. 

Eight temporary staircases will be installed across the station, one on the concourse and seven on the mezzanine.  These will be dismantled in sequence as the works progress.

All construction activities relating to the temporary structures and access stairwells will take place at night to prevent noise and dust during normal station operations. 

All other works, such as the removal of existing panels and replacement of concourse lights, will be undertaken when the station is open to the public.

Coming soon

New public address systems 

The current public address system is outdated and doesn’t meet the expectations of passengers travelling today, or modern accessibility standards.  We are installing new speakers containing the latest technology to improve the quality and clarity of announcements across the station.

More places to eat, shop and play

Waterloo’s retail and food offer is being revamped as part of ongoing investment in the station.  

Contact us

For more information or to get in touch with us, please contact us by visiting our contact us page or by calling our 24-hour national helpline on 03457 11 41 41.