The Northumberland Line project

We’re helping to reintroduce passenger trains for communities in the North East of England.  

Construction on the project has been ongoing since August 2022 and is due to complete in Summer 2024.

The Northumberland Line will bring passenger trains back into service between Ashington and Newcastle. Part of the Government’s Restoring Your Railways project, the investment will see six stations introduced on the line, as well as major upgrades to track, signalling and other infrastructure.  

The project is supported by a number of key partners, including the Department for Transport (DfT), Transport for the North (TfN), Nexus and Northern Trains Limited, North Tyneside Council, North of Tyne Combined Authority and Newcastle City Council.  

The Northumberland Line will stimulate and support economic growth, regeneration and community development in Northumberland and the surrounding regions by providing new and improved transport links for local people and businesses. 

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How will this work affect me?

Throughout the project work will need to be carried out at night, when trains aren’t running and electrical sections of the track can be isolated. We know that this isn’t ideal, especially when teams are working close to people’s homes, but these are essential measures needed to keep them safe.

The nature of the work means some noise is unavoidable. Teams will need to use lighting equipment and generators, and will often require the use of engineering trains. You may also notice an increase in the number of staff in the vicinity of the worksite. Teams are aware that they’re working close to your home, and they will try to minimise unnecessary disruption as much as possible.

There will also be occasions when we need to implement road closures to allow for work to be completed at level crossings, or so our teams can access worksites safely with larger equipment. Signage will always be erected to advise of any upcoming closures and a diversion route will be provided.

Why is the work needed?

The railway between Ashington and Newcastle used to run both passenger and freight services until the Beeching cuts in the 1960s. Since then, only freight trains have continued to use the line, primarily serving Lynemouth Power Station. The lack of passenger railway services in the area has contributed to local congestion. This is due to car and bus travel being the only viable forms of transport for many, which has affected economic development and opportunity. 

The Northumberland Line project addresses these issues. Once complete, it will:  

  • Introduce six new stations: Northumberland Park, Seaton Delaval, Newsham, Blyth Bebside, Bedlington and Ashington. You can find out more about each station on the Northumberland Line website (stations).
  • Improve access from towns such as Ashington and Blyth to employment hubs like Newcastle, as well as opening up new opportunities for education and travel.
  • Provide a real incentive for potential employers to relocate to and invest in the area. 
  • Provide vital infrastructure to help deliver the region’s aspirations for population and economic growth. 
  • Help to attract visitors and improve local tourism.
  • Enhance public transport connectivity within and beyond the region. 
  • Help to reduce congestion and improve air quality on key corridors by moving people away from car travel and onto public transport.
  • Support the delivery of significant growth in sectors such as renewable energy and engineering.  

Anticipated service on The Northumberland line – Ashington to Newcastle

  • Duration = around 35 minutes
  • Monday to Saturday, 06:00 to 19:30 = 2 trains an hour
  • Sundays and Monday to Saturday after 19:30 = 1 train an hour
  • Service = 06:00 to 23:00

Community Engagement 

Ensuring that local communities and businesses are involved in the reintroduction of passenger services to the Northumberland Line is vital. The project wants to provide communities with a sense of ownership and pride, ensuring that local people are engaged and benefiting from the economic growth, regeneration and development in the area.  

This page will be updated with upcoming community events as they’re organised and announced.  

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For any questions about the project, please visit the Northumberland Line website (Contact us).