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We're proposing to unblock the Croydon bottleneck to provide Brighton Main Line passengers with more reliable, more frequent and faster services, and to provide the capacity needed for future growth. 

Public consultation

From Monday 1 June to Sunday 20 September 2020 we ran our second public consultation on our proposals for unblocking the Croydon bottleneck.

We received 1,428 responses and overall, with 90 per cent of respondents indicating they either ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ with our proposals.

The five most common themes in the feedback we received are:

  • Desire to complete the project and deliver the benefits quickly
  • Concerns over service disruption during construction
  • Concerns about highways disruptions
  • Matters related to impacted land and property
  • Integration with buses, trams, taxis and cycling at East Croydon station

Download summary of the consultation (777 KB, PDF).

This feedback, along with other ideas and suggestions, will be used to shape our final designs which we will share next year.

Thank you to those who took the opportunity to find out more about our proposals and provide feedback via our chat facility, consultation hotline and via email. View the consultation materials.

Residents and businesses that could be directly impacted by the proposals can continue to engage directly with Network Rail’s project team at any time and are strongly encouraged to get in touch using the contact details below.

You can find out about our next steps below.


The Croydon area is the busiest, most congested and most complex part of the country’s rail network.

The lack of capacity at East Croydon station and the complex series of junctions north of Croydon, the Selhurst triangle, delays trains across the Brighton Main Line and the wider network every time an incident occurs.

It also means there is no capacity to run more trains to meet future passenger growth, which will lead to overcrowding in the years ahead unless action is taken. 

Our proposals

Our proposals to unblock the Croydon bottleneck and provide more reliable, more frequent and faster services include the following key elements: 

Indicative internal view of the East Croydon platform area
Indicative internal view of the East Croydon platform area
Indicative aerial view of the Selhurst Junction area, looking south
Indicative aerial view of the Selhurst Junction area, looking south

The benefits

Managing impacts

A major redevelopment such as this will result in changes to services but we are planning our proposals to keep trains moving and minimise disruption to passengers.

We will also be undertaking a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment to identify potential effects on the environment and local community as a result of the construction and operation of the Scheme. The assessment will also identify mitigation measures to address construction and operational impacts.

Find out more on how we are managing impacts.

Next steps

To deliver our proposals we need to obtain powers to work outside the railway boundary through a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO). We are currently in the process of preparing an application for these powers, referred to as the East Croydon to Selhurst Junction Capacity Enhancement Scheme (‘the Scheme').

Following the public consultation held from Monday 1 June to Sunday 20 September 2020, we are using feedback received to further develop our designs and prepare a TWAO application ahead of our targeted submission date in late 2021.

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Contact us

For more information on our proposals you can e-mail us at

You can also call Network Rail’s national helpline on 03457 11 41 41 or contact us on Twitter @NetworkRailSE

View our privacy notice for The East Croydon to Selhurst Junction Capacity Enhancement Scheme.

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