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Anglia Structures

We are responsible for maintaining many structures which either support or cross the railway including road and rail bridges as well as pedestrian/cycle/equestrian bridges which provide safe access across the tracks.

Many structures date back to the Victorian period and require a lot of repair and maintenance to make sure they are fit for purpose. In some circumstances, the old structures may need a complete replacement to cope with modern demands.

Our engineers and maintenance teams, plan works in advance to make sure the bridge structures continue to meet the demands of the railway and intersecting road network. This work can include:

  • refurbishment which involves removing corrosion, repainting and resurfacing as well as replacing any lighting systems,
  • strengthening which involves welding new steel to a structure to improve its structural strength, or;
  • replacement which involves the full replacement of a life expired structure with a whole new bridge.

List of significant structures work

Below is a list of significant structures work that have been or planned to be repaired or replaced during this current five-year investment cycle, Control Period 6 (2019-2024), to ensure that we maintain the railway for current and future passengers use.

Gospel Oak to Barking

Capworth StreetRefurbishment 2020/21 Completed
Sebert RoadStrengthening 2020/21 Completed
Beaumont Road Strengthening 2020/21 Completed
Balmoral Road Strengthening 2020/21 Completed

North London Line

Location Work Year Status
Camden Road Strengthening2020-21 Completed
Chalk Farm bridge Refurbishment2020-21 Completed
Neasden Replacement2021-22 Completed

Essex Thameside (c2c) 

Kennedy Road Refurbishment 2023-24Planned
Morris Street bridge Replacements2021-22 Completed
Christian Street bridge Replacements2021-22 Completed
Leman Street bridgeStrengthening and refurb 2021-22 Completed
Fenchurch StreetStrengthening 2021-22 Completed

Regional Lines

Postwick rail bridge Replacement2020-21 Completed
Eccles Heath bridge (Snetterton) Replacement2020-21 Completed
Stonea rail bridge Repair2020-21 Completed
River Deben rail bridgeWheel timber replacement 2021/22Completed
River Deben rail bridgeReplacement2023-24Ongoing

West Anglia Main Line

Manea bridges Wheel timber replacement 2020-22 Ongoing
Three Colts Lane Refurbishment 2023/24 Planned
Cutter Bridge Strengthening2023/24 Planned
Nazeing New Road

Refurbishment 2022/23 Planned - download PDF here.

The work listed above represents the most significant structures activities in our CP6 workbank which contains hundreds of planned minor activities that take place to maintain all of our structures across the Anglia route.

Timelapse footage

Our framework contractor, J Murphy and Sons Ltd has been capturing timelapse footage of key structures work which can be viewed below:

Morris Street bridge

Christian Street bridge

Timelapse films above by contractor J Murphy and Sons Ltd showing replacement of life expired rail bridges at Christian Street and Morris Street (near Shadwell station) that carries the line out of Fenchurch Street station through East London and out to Essex. Completed during Christmas 2021.

Neasden bridge

Timelapse film by contractor J Murphy and Sons Ltd showing replacement of a life expired rail over rail bridge in North London during which carries the North London line over Underground lines. Completed during Christmas 2021.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries or questions about our structures work, please contact the 24/7 helpline team on 0345 711 4141 or visit our Contact Us page.

You can also follow us on Twitter @NetworkRailANG

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