London Victoria station improvements

Improving passenger experience at London Victoria station

Passengers using London Victoria station can look forward to more pleasant and more reliable journeys as we invest £30m to reduce congestion on platforms and at ticket gates.

Before and after of images of the additional ticket gates serving platforms 1-7

London Victoria station was not designed for the number of passengers using it today. Even with slightly fewer people traveling currently, narrow gate lines and poor passenger flow in and around the station and on platforms still leads to congestion at busy times.

What are we doing?

  • We are increasing the number of ticket gates from 88 to 121*, adding five new wide gates and upgrading eleven others to make them fully automatic. *The total number of gates has changed as designs developed through the build.
  • Opening up and expanding the station concourse area that serves platforms 15-19.
  • Creating a spacious new thoroughfare between platform 14 and the existing escalators to the Victoria Place Shopping Centre.
  • Creating more space for additional ticket gates by relocating the Gatwick Express ticket to within the existing Southern ticket office.
  • Some existing gate line retail will be removed, and new units will be constructed that will enable new brands to come to Victoria.
Before and after images of additional ticket gates serving platforms 8-13. 
The Gatwick Express ticket office will move to within the existing Southern ticket office.


More trains on time

Currently congestion at ticket gates means that it takes people longer to get on and off trains and platforms, leading to delayed trains at busy times. By adding more ticket gates and more wider gates people will board and alight more quickly, improving punctuality.

Improved safety

If we do nothing, congestion on platforms and ticket gates could lead to overcrowding at busy times.

Passenger experience

Despite improvements London Victoria station is among the lowest scoring stations in our customer satisfaction surveys. Tackling ticket gate congestion and improving the confusing layout of the station responds to two of the most frequently cited reasons for passenger dissatisfaction.

Before and after images of the opened and bigger concourse serving platforms 15-19.

When is the work taking place?

Work on the project is well underway and we expect the work to be finished in spring / summer 2024.

Will passenger journeys be impacted?

To minimise disruption to passengers, the work has been timed with the Victoria resignalling project, a major programme of signalling upgrades on the south London lines into London Victoria. This means the most disruptive work will happen when there are fewer or no passenger services running at the station, as lines will be closed.

Learn more about that programme of work on our Victoria resignalling page.

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