Cambridgeshire level crossing Reduction Order

Cambridgeshire level crossings included in the Anglia level crossing proposals

View the full detail of the powers granted and a copy of the Secretary of State’s report.

The following level crossings were included in the proposal we submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport. We have now received a decision granting us the powers to modify or close 16 of the 25 level crossings.

Powers granted

The Secretary of State for Transport has granted us the powers to close or modify the following crossings:

  • Ballast Pit – CB25 9QQ
  • Black Horse Drove – CB6 1EH
  • Cassells – CB8 0UN
  • Chittering Footpath – CB5 9LR
  • Coffue Drove – CB6 1RX
  • Cross Keys – CB7 4UE
  • Eastrea Cross Drove – PE7 2AZ
  • Fysons – CB25 9PW
  • Jack O’Tell – CB25 9PW
  • Littleport Station* – CB6 1JL
  • Nairns (No. 117) – CB6 3LG
  • Newmarket Bridge – CB7 4EX
  • Prickwillow 1 – CB7 4UP
  • Prickwillow 2 – CB7 4UP
  • Silt Drove – PE15 0DB
  • Westley Road – CB8 0UB

*Littleport station private access level crossing is already closed as part of a separate process.

Powers not granted

The Secretary of State for Transport has not granted us the powers for the following crossings that were in our application:

  • Brickyard Drove – PE7 2HG
  • Clayway – CB6 1NT
  • Furlong Drove – CB6 2ER
  • Leonards – CB7 5HX
  • No Name (No. 20) – SG8 6JR
  • No Name (No. 37) – CB2 5NQ
  • Poplar Drove – CB6 1FB
  • Wells Engine – CB7 4EX
  • Willow Road – CB6 1EE

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