We will be working throughout 2021 to renew and repair the railway tracks across the Western route.

We are going to replace the old, worn railway track by lifting it up, removing it, laying a new stone base and relaying new track. We are aware that we are working close to your home and we work hard to minimise the disruption. The work will involve heavy track machinery, so we apologise in advance for any disturbance we create.

Our working trains near your home FAQs

We are completing this work to bring passengers more reliable, faster better rail services.

Safety is our number one priority, so we need to carry out a lot of our work during the night when the railway is closed to trains.

Please be aware the below times may change.

Dates and locations of work

We’ll be working close to the station on the following dates. Please note dates may be subject to change.


  • Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 June – Overnight shift, from 23:00 – 09:00
  • Monday 12 to Tuesday 13 July – Overnight shift, from 23:00 – 07:00

We’ll be working in the area on the following dates. Please note dates may be subject to change.


  • Saturday 12 June to Sunday 13 June – Overnight from 23:30 to 08:30

We’ll be working between Arlington Business Park and Theale station, and from the station to the level crossing on Wigmore Lane on the following dates. Please note dates may be subject to change.


  • Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 June – 1 overnight shift, from 23:00 – 09:00
  • Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 June – 1 overnight shift, from 23:00 – 07:00

Our Track Renewals team at work

Watch the video below that shows our factory on wheels, called the Track Renewal System (TRS).

Our working trains near your home

Throughout our track work, we have several trains that carry out different maintenance tasks to maintain the safe running of the railway. These trains are crucial to ensure the safety of passengers and train services along the route. The information below has been designed to help residents know more about the trains operating in their area and provide information on when they will be there.

Frequently asked questions

A grinding train maintains the track and helps to increase the lifespan of the rail. These trains remove small layers of metal from the railhead, helping us to keep the track in good condition.

Stoneblowers restore the line and level of the track. To do this, first we measure the track to work out where we need to lift it and make sure it’s level, and how much it needs to be moved side to side to ensure correct alignment.

Tampers and stoneblowers are track maintenance machines that make sure the track is correctly aligned and has a smooth level along the rail. They help to prevent the risk of trains derailing, and ensure smooth, comfortable journeys for passengers and freight trains.

These machines generally work at night when no passenger trains are running.

These sidings are a designated stabling point for this type of train. We have very few of these around our route, so we move them around the country regularly to both carry out work we need to do whilst minimising the impact on people who live nearby.

The engineering train is prepared with essential safety checks during the daytime to make sure it is safe to operate on the railway tracks at night. This is so we can continue to keep essential freight carrying food, fuel and medicines and of course passengers moving to reach their destinations.


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When we’re working in your area

Please click on your location to find a timetable of dates of when these trains are working near your home.

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Contact us

For more information or to get in touch with us, please call our 24 hour helpline on 03457 11 41 41 or email CRwest@networkrail.co.uk