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Step Free Access for Streatham Station

Two new lifts at Streatham station will provide step-free access across the station.

The £5m project is being delivered as part of the Department for Transport’s Access for All scheme.

Work began in September 2022 and is expected to be completed in early 2024.

What work will take place?

  • On platform 1, we will move the waiting room and accessible toilet to the adjacent rooms and then construct a lift shaft in the existing waiting room. The landing at the top of the staircase, where the concourse is, will be extended to meet the new lift shaft.
  • The lift shaft on platform 2 will be constructed inside the staircase leading to it. To make room for the new lift shaft the existing staircase and gate line will be realigned.

Will train services be impacted?

The project at Streatham station will have no direct impact on train services. Any work that we need to complete while trains are not running has been scheduled for times when trains were already planned not to run during line closures of the railway.

What changes will I see around the station during the project?

The station will remain open to be able to carry out the work we will have to change the way passengers access the station platforms.

A temporary pedestrian footbridge will be installed for passengers to access both platforms while the existing staircases are closed to enable the lift shafts to be constructed at the station.

Only one staircase will be closed at a time and passengers will be able to access the platforms via the temporary footbridge and the staircase that will remain open.

Access to the side gate on platform 1 will not be affected. Access to the ticket office and machines will not be affected.

During weekend closures you may see a crane, but this will be in our compound and will not affect the public.

More information

If you have any other questions or concerns, please telephone our 24-Hour National Helpline on 03457 114 141.

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