Behind every uniform is someone just like you

We’re reminding passengers to be kind and to respect our staff after a surge in verbal and physical abuse directed at station colleagues. 

New statistics show that 9/10 people working in the region’s big stations have suffered abuse, including verbal abuse of a racist, sexist and homophobic nature, as well as physical assaults. 

  • Almost every member of staff surveyed reported being the victim of verbal abuse
  • 4/10 have been victims of racial abuse
  • 3/10 have been physically assaulted
  • 1/10 have suffered abuse of a sexual nature, including groping and lewd comments
  • 5/10 abuse victims have had to call the police
  • 5/10 say abuse had impacted their work and home life.

We know that most of our passengers wouldn’t dream of abusing our colleagues, but unfortunately, some do.  

Our campaign aims to remind everyone that behind every uniform there are real people, with real lives who deserve to be treated with respect. Abuse has an impact on them, it has an impact on their families and work life, in the same way abuse would affect you. 

If you don’t treat our people with respect, please be aware that our staff wear body-worn cameras and we will pursue prosecutions.  

How to report abuse

If you witness abuse at a station, please report it to the British Transport Police by phoning 0800 40 50 40 or texting 61016 for non-emergency enquiries.

If you want to report abuse anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.  

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