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Lewisham railway upgrades

£8million improvement programme of track and signalling upgrades in the Lewisham area complete

More than half of all Southeastern train services travel through Lewisham station. If there are issues there, the rest of the network can be affected, resulting in a frustrating disruption to your journey.

Track or signalling infrastructure problems through Lewisham can have a particular knock-on effect, with trains sometimes stacking up behind one another waiting to pass signals or key junctions. This can lead to delays as trains are travelling at slower speeds for safety reasons.

Improving the service through Lewisham is vital. That’s why, as part of our wider £1.2bn South East Upgrade, we’re investing a quarter of billion pound in the track and signalling through this key area. We’re determined to get you where you need to be, safely and on time.

Upgrade programme

In 2020 we replaced two key rail junctions; one at Parks Bridge and the other in St Johns. This involved replacing 2.5km of track and laying 7,500 tonnes of ballast and 1460 sleepers as well as a number of signalling points.

This work has already helped to improve the reliability of train services in the area.

In 2021 we upgraded the switches and crossings (moveable sections of track that guide trains from one track to another and allow them to cross paths) between St Johns / Lewisham to Grove Park and along the Sidcup line over the festive season.

We will be back for further work over the weekend of 5 and 6 February 2022. You can find out more about how this affects Southeastern services here.

We will also return again later this year for an extended time over the festive period.

We are serious about upgrading the Lewisham area to provide a better service. This is all part of the same upgrade programme.

Please keep an eye out for further publicity about the Christmas 2022 work

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