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Wiltshire and Swindon

We're modernising the Great Western route to bring passengers faster, more frequent and more reliable services. The project includes upgrading our infrastructure so that the route can be electrified

This page explains the work we'll be doing in Wiltshire and Swindon and when it's due to take place.

The demolition and partial reconstruction of the A3102 bridge in Royal Wootton Bassett over Christmas, 2016. The new bridge will be higher, creating the additional space needed for the overhead electrification wires that will power the new fleet of faster, longer, quieter and greener trains on the Great Western route.


What we're doing

To enable the route to be electrified. we're installing supporting masts and overhead lines, and preparing the foundations for these ('piling'). We'll also be modifying some of the bridges and other structures on the route to create the extra height needed for the overhead lines.

More about our work to electrify the railway

Royal Wootton Bassett

The A3102 in Royal Wootton Bassett is due to reopen to traffic on 20 April 2017, following the reconstruction of the Bath Road bridge. The temporary link road will close to traffic once the A3102 has reopened.  The work has created the additional space required for the electrification of the line.

Further work is required to raise the parapets, or sides, of the adjacent Hunts Mill bridge, which will take place overnight under temporary traffic lights from 8 May- 15 May 2017 inclusive.

The track underneath Hunts Mill bridge needs to be lowered to make way for the overhead power lines. The work will take place over the weekends of 27-29 May and 10-11 June 2017.

Download the A3102 Bath Road/Hunts Mill residents’ letter (PDF)

Roman Road bridge, Swindon

We need to lower the track under the listed Roman Road bridge on Ermin Street, Swindon, to accommodate the overhead lines that will power the new trains. The majority of the work is due to take place over the weekends of 27-29 May and 10-11 June, 2017. The road will be closed during these weekends, subject to local authority approval. Please plan ahead before you travel, as train services will be amended.

We are holding a drop-in event to explain the work on Wednesday, 29 March at Grange Junior School, Grange Drive, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon from 4.30pm to 7.00pm.

Upgrading the railway through Swindon - passenger information - May/June 2017 (PDF)

Roman Road/Ermin Street bridge - briefing note - May/June 2017 (PDF)

Piling work

We're undertaking piling work in the areas shown below on Saturday 22 - Friday 28 April 2017. Please note that this schedule could change at short notice for operational reasons.

Before starting the work we may need to clear overgrown vegetation alongside the line.

Find out more about why and how we manage vegetation

If you have any questions about piling, please refer to our piling FAQ.

Gable Cross Police Station – Lower Stratton (Sandgate)
Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 April 2017
11.00pm – 08.00am
Local Authority: Wiltshire

Shrivenham – Swindon (Transfer Bridges)
Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 April 2017
10.00pm – 08.00am
Local Authority: Wiltshire

Swindon (Rodbourne Road) – Royal Wootton Bassett (Marlborough Rd Bridge)
Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 April 2017
10.00pm – 08.00am
Local Authority: Wiltshire

Rodbourne (Pound Hill) – Alderton
Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 April 2017
10.30pm – 08.30am
Local Authority: Wiltshire

Uffington – Shrivenham
Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 April 2017
10.00pm – 08.00am
Local Authority: Wiltshire

Royal Wootton Bassett ( Skew Bridges ) – Christian Malford
Monday 24 – Friday 28 April 2017
9.00pm – 06.00am
Local Authority: Wiltshire

Bridge and structure works

StructureDrop-in sessionClosure datesDiversion RouteAdditional info
A3102 Bath Road bridge, Royal Wootton Bassettn/aA3102 due to reopen on 20 April 2017Diverson route PDFReconstruction to enable electrification. Parapets to be installed in February 2017

Residents’ letter PDF attachment
Hunts Mill bridge, Royal Wootton Bassettn/aA3102 due to reopen on 20 April 2017Diverson route PDFTemporary overnight traffic lights 8 May to 15 May 2017 for parapets work.

Residents’ letter PDF attachment
Corsham aqueductn/aTraffic management in place on Tramways until further noticeRemoval of old aqueduct is due to take place from 21 April – 23 April 2017.

Residents’ letter PDF attachment

Working responsibly

We know that our work to improve the railway may cause some disruption and noise for local communities. We do our very best to limit this and appreciate your patience and understanding.

For example, we often have to carry out some of the work at night when trains aren’t running. This is because we’re contractually obliged to work at times that have the least impact on passenger services, and because we must ensure the safety of our workforce.

If roads or footpaths need to be closed temporarily because of bridge work, we agree diversionary routes with the local council. And we are committed to completing the work quickly, so the road can be reopened as soon as possible.

Last updated 21 April 2017. This page will be updated regularly.