Bath and north east Somerset (Bathnes)

We're modernising the Great Western route, increasing capacity for passengers and freight; creating more reliable services and better stations

This is the biggest investment in the Great Western railway since Brunel built it more than 175 years ago. Modernising the route will improve the experience of everyone who uses it and stimulate economic growth in the South West and beyond.

This page explains the work we’re doing in Bath and North East Somerset and when it's due to take place. Electrification in the area has been deferred until the next control period (CP6), which runs from 2019 to 2024.

What we’re doing

We have been carrying out extensive improvements to the railway through Bath and North East Somerset, including major upgrades at Bath Spa and Keynsham stations. This has included platform and signalling upgrade works as well as modifications to bridges and other structures along the route to provide line clearance for new Intercity Express Trains.


Bath Spa station


Platform works

Following on from our successful platform widening works at Bath Spa station in April, we have been upgrading a disused section of the London-bound UP platform 2. Bringing this back into use will add the extra length needed to accommodate the new Intercity Express Trains in full 10-car formation.

The disused section of the platform was demolished during the summer, and we are now in the re-construction phase. We installed the steelwork in August and we recently completed the concrete pour. With these foundations in place we now need to install:

  • Parapets
  • Coping stones along the platform edge
  • Tactiles (stones with raised ‘blisters’ on them)
  • A new platform surface
  • New lighting
  • A new PA system.

Track works at Bath Spa

Tamping on the track at Bath Spa is needed, to make the track more durable, make journeys more comfortable for passengers, and to reduce the vibration caused when a train passes. Tamping involves re-packing the ballast under the railway tracks and is a noisy process.

When will this work take place?

Platform works at Bath Spa are being carried out on Saturday night shifts throughout November and December.

Track tamping on the Down (Bristol-bound) line will take place between 23:00 and 05:00 on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 November. Tamping is also needed on the Up (London-bound) line, with dates and details to be confirmed.

Keynsham station

During April 2017 we carried out a number of crucial improvements at Keynsham station. Over the summer we have been connecting up the drainage system, reinstating railings and lining and painting. Our signalling team installed cabling on overnight shifts in July.

Works are continuing at the station and in the car park; some of which will require overnight shifts. We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience. We are trying to keep disruption to local neighbours to a minimum.

Bathampton Junction – Christmas signalling works

During the Christmas period, from 24 to 27 December, we will be working day and night to deliver new signalling equipment and install signalling cable routes underneath the tracks near the Bathampton Junction area.

Our machinery and workers will access the line at Glass’ crossing, meaning this area will be heavily used for the trackside delivery and removal of materials and staff.