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The Forth Bridge Experience

We're proposing a bridge walk experience at the Forth Bridge

Aerial view of the Forth Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing

The Forth Bridge is an iconic structure which has worldwide recognition as a World Heritage Site.

What is the Forth Bridge Experience?

For the first time in the bridge’s history, the public will be able to access the world-famous structure and explore its heritage as well as the outstanding views from 367 ft (110m) above sea level.

Plans will see the construction of a Bridge Walk Reception Hub on the South Queensferry side of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which will be used for preparing those heading out on the bridge walk as well as providing physical access to the bridge.

The proposals will be delivered with full consideration of the bridge’s world heritage status and will set out to further the aims of UNESCO in helping to interpret the history and heritage of the Forth Bridge. It will also aim to recognise the significance of its two sister bridges and the supporting communities north and south of the Firth of Forth.

In a similar style to the world-renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk, visitors to the attraction will put on safety harnesses before being led out from the South Queensferry side of the estuary onto the south cantilever, walking up to the view point at the top.  Up to three groups an hour will be permitted on the bridge, with each tour estimated to last around two and a half hours.

The bridge walk experience will be a unique Scottish tourist attraction.

There are also longer-term ambitions to develop visitor facilities at the north end of the Forth Bridge, which could see access to the top of the north cantilever via a lift.

Finally, we are committed to providing a unique, high-quality facility that will enhance Scotland’s reputation in the eyes of domestic and international visitors but will also indirectly improve local amenities and present local enterprise opportunities.

Project timeline


We undertook a public engagement exercise, including several community drop-in events, to help shape our initial proposals for a bridge walk and reception hub.


We began a tender process to appoint a main contractor to design and build the new Forth Bridge Walkway Experience. On conclusion of this process, and following extensive discussions with Transport Scotland, it was decided that this scheme would be put on hold for further development work.

August 2021

We submitted a pre-application notice to City of Edinburgh Council for revised proposals to install a bridge walk and visitor hub at the iconic Forth Bridge. A full planning application will be submitted late 2021 following a public engagement exercise. 

Contact us

For more information please call our 24-hr community relations helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

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