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  • Timetables and travel

  • Timetables

  • Passenger timetables ►

    Download train company timetables. Create a timetable tailored to your journey.

    eNRT ►

    The complete national passenger timetable (eNRT), the long-term timetable for planners.

    Working timetable ►

    The working timetable (WTT) is the rail industry's version of the national passenger timetable.
  • Journey planning

  • Journey planner ►

    Plan your journey and buy tickets at National Rail Enquiries.

    Scheduled engineering work ►

    Search planned work by date or train company up to 12 weeks in advance.

    Latest travel news ►

    Service disruptions affecting travel today at National Rail Enquiries.

    Maps ►

    Rail network maps at National Rail Enquiries.

    Live departures / arrivals ►

    Departure and arrival boards for all stations at National Rail Enquiries.
  • Tickets

  • Tickets ►

    We don't sell train tickets - you can buy them online from train companies and from National Rail.

    Railcards and concessions ►

    Visit National Rail Enquiries for information about railcards and discounts.

    Refunds ►

    Find out where to go for a refund.
  • About delays

    Cartoon of train pulling into a station The common causes of delays - and what we're doing to reduce their frequency and impact: How we keep you updated when there's a delay:  
  • Timetabling explained

    Station departure boardHow we balance demand for more services and faster, longer trains with capacity constraints.