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Electronic national rail timetable

The electronic National Rail Timetable (eNRT) is a long-term timetable for planners that covers services on the national rail network. It is published in the summer and winter each year.

For passenger timetables and journey planners go to National Rail Enquiries' website, where you can also book train tickets online.

All timetables are split into routes. Use the index to find the table number for your route.

Check which route your station is on with the stations index.

You can find contact details and web links for train operators at National Rail Enquiries.

Supporting documents – eNRT

Stations index 163 MB
References and symbols54 KB

Complete timetable – valid 11 December 2016 to 20 May 2017

Complete timetable - separate PDFs 47 MB
Individual tables68 MB

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If you have any feedback or comments on timetable please email NRT-WTT@networkrail.co.uk.