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Lady Anne level crossing

We are progressing with plans to close Lady Anne level crossing and install a bespoke, accessible footbridge in its place. 

This brings us one step closer to enabling major railway improvements between Dewsbury and Leeds as part of the  Transpennine Route Upgrade – such as faster, more frequent and more reliable trains. 

Lady Anne level crossing
Lady Anne level crossing

This is also part of Network Rail’s plans to eliminate safety risks by removing level crossings where possible and creating a safer railway.  

Resident Survey

The results of a resident and community group survey (conducted in summer 2020) revealed that 61% would welcome a new footbridge if the crossing was closed to enable significant railway improvements, whilst 33% expressed a desire to keep the level crossing open. Key concerns regarding a potential new footbridge focussed on privacy, aesthetics, and accessibility issues. 

We took the feedback from this survey and altered the proposed designs for the footbridge to factor in any concerns above, and we are pleased to progressing with this project with a bespoke, accessible footbridge that works with the surrounding landscape. To give an idea of what this will look like, we have drawn up some artist impressions of the footbridge, connecting Howley Street to Rutland Road. 

Next Steps

Having completed a consultation period and revising the designs of the footbridge following detailed feedback, we hosted an information event on Thursday 29 July at Batley Community Centre, and to a virtual information event on Tuesday 03 August. At these events we talked through the designs of the proposed footbridge and discussed some of the concerns and queries of local residents.

We submitted a planning application for the proposed footbridge design on Wednesday 18 August, and so we will soon have a better idea of exactly when we will be working in the area. Once we know this, we will be getting back in touch with local residents, to make sure they are up to date with the project.

Lady Anne footbridge proposed sketch
Lady Anne proposed footbridge sketches
Aerial view sketch of the proposed footbridge

Safety first

We’re investing £100m to improve level crossing safety.

There are around 6,000 level crossings in Britain – a legacy of a railway built 150 years ago when there were fewer and slower trains, and no cars on the road. We have a national safety awareness and improvements programme investing in closing and upgrading level crossings, alongside a safety awareness campaign aimed at specific user groups.

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