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City of Bristol

We're modernising the Great Western route to bring passengers faster, more frequent and more reliable services. The project includes upgrading our infrastructure so that the route can be electrified

This page explains the work we'll be doing in the city of Bristol and when it's due to take place.

Our work to electrify the railway



December 2014
After 2 months of preparatory work, the engineering team at Bristol Temple Meads removed the final parts of the old Post Office conveyor belts at the east end of the station on Christmas Day. These works were done as part of the electrification of the Great Western Mainline from London Paddington to Swansea.

March 2015
After the successful removal of the conveyor belt, the next stage of modernisation works is to remove the old unused Royal Mail lift shafts. You will start to see the works commence from 16 March and they will continue for a number of weeks.

Filton Abbey Wood station / Horfield Cutting

We are holding a drop in on Thursday 15 September 2016 from 5pm to 8pm at Filton Community Centre, Elm Park, to discuss our forthcoming work at Filton Abbey Wood station and Horfield Cutting.

The work is part of the project to double the number of tracks between Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway from two to four and it also allows for the electrification of the line which will enable the introduction of quieter, greener, and faster electric trains.

To accommodate the new trains, a fourth platform will be built at Filton Abbey Wood station with ramped access to the existing footbridge. In order to support the embankment, a retaining wall will be built between the new platform and the residential area that backs onto the railway. This phase of the work is due to take a year before Network Rails orange army will return to extend the three existing platforms and lay the new track.

The work in Horfield cutting will consist of building a 1.25 metre retaining wall which will in turn provide room for the construction of two additional tracks. This work extends from the south of Bonnington Walk Bridge to Filton Abbey Wood station and is expected to last seven months.

Filton Bank four track programme

As part of our modernisation plans, we will increase the number of tracks from two to four between Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway. This will mean greater passenger capacity and will allow maintenance to be carried out without disrupting services.

The project is now well underway, with work being undertaken at various sites along the route. We are planning to hold regular public drop-in sessions as the programme of work develops as well as issuing letters to lineside neighbours.

Bristol Newsletter

Please view our latest newsletter providing an update on works in the local area.

Bristol newsletter (December 2016)

Bridge and structure works

A number of bridges and structures along this route will be affected by the Great Western electrification programme.

The below list of bridges/structures is not comprehensive and contains both current and scheduled works that are subject to Bristol City Council approval.

Bridge and structure works – City of Bristol

Structure Drop-in sessionClosure date(s) DiversionAdditional information
St Mark's / Bannerman Road Bridges Bannerman Road Children's Centre, Tuesday 23rd August 2016 4.30pm - 6.30pm24th November - 30th November 2016 (see attached letter)Bridge strengthening work is now under way as part of the Railway Upgrade Plan.

Residents Letter
Ashley Hill FootbridgeWork starts on 20 May 2016 until 27 January 2017Parking restrictions - see letterWe are undertaking work on the Ashley Hill Footbridge as part of the Filton Bank Four Tracking Project and Network Railway Upgrade Plan

Ashley Hill residents letter

Blake Road Parking Restrictions
Easton Roadn/aFull closure 8 February 2016 - November 2016-Utility diversion work continues ahead of the demolition/replacement of Easton Road Bridge. The current bridge deck will be removed and replaced 28 May - 30 May 2016.

Easton Road residents letter
Muller Road access point (access via Petherbridge Way) n/an/an/a Additional information: We need to carry out substantial improvement work to our access point just off Muller Road. The main access gate and access from Petherbridge Way will need to be kept clear of obstruction at all times. Work consists of earthworks, installation of a retaining wall and a new tarmac access road to track level.
Parking restrictions on the approach to one of our compounds located off Dovercourt RoadLocal door knocking planned for the evening of Monday 10th October 2016This restriction will run for the entirety of the access road between properties 146 Dovercourt Road and 148 Dovercourt Road, to then extend 20 metres north and 20 metres south of the junction. This is essential to allow guaranteed access to the railway corridor.

Last updated 1 December 2016. This page will be updated regularly.